Spicy Thai Curry Sweet Potato Soup

For some reason I had always thought that thai green curry was fairly mild on the spice thermometer due to its popularity, but oh how I was wrong. I found this out when I was making it for the first time for some friends and had to add a bucket of coconut milk to calm down the spice! The green chillies in the spice paste are fiery and full of heat, much stronger than the red chillies used in red thai curry. I originally made this recipe as a vegetable curry but a friend suggested turning it into a soup. It is nutritious and delicious but is definitely not for the faint hearted when it comes to spice. If you’d prefer a milder version I would recommend reducing the amount of spice paste and adding more coconut milk. This soup is perfect for warming you up on a cold day and welcomes the flavours of Thailand to your kitchen!

IMG_0885 (2)


4 sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped into rough chunks
3 carrots, peeled and chopped
1 onion, sliced
1 tablespoon of oil for frying
400ml coconut milk
1 tablespoon of fish sauce (omit if you’re vegetarian)
400ml stock
1/2 tablespoon of soy sauce
Juice of half a lime
1-2 tablespoons of thai green curry paste
3 tablespoons passata
Fresh coriander leaves to garnish


Gently fry the sweet potato, carrots and onion (if you like you can add red peppers too) until they are starting to soften. Add the curry paste and fry for another 2-3 minutes, then pour in the rest of the ingredients. The fish sauce may not smell pleasant but it really combines all of the thai flavours together and definitely tastes nothing like the smell! Make sure there is enough stock to cover the vegetables but not to drown them, so feel free to add more or less than I have mentioned. Simmer for between 30 minutes to an hour, or until the vegetables are soft, then blend. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and maybe have some yoghurt to hand because this soup is fiery!

Ginger & Lime Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash

Here’s a tasty new recipe that’s a perfect reminder of the summer. This meal is super healthy as it’s low fat and low GI but definitely doesn’t compromise on flavour. It’s satisfying and comforting but with an added zing which keeps it fresh and light on your tummy. If you have time you can marinate the chicken overnight for an even fuller flavour or add a few garlic cloves to the mash. Perfect for a light and simple, mid-week dinner! Enjoy!



the zest and juice of one lime
1 tbsp of clear honey
1 tsp of ground ginger of grated fresh ginger
2 skinless chicken breasts
450g of sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped into chunks

Serves two


Pre-heat the oven to 200c. Combine half of the lime zest and all the juice with the honey and ground ginger. Slash the tops of each chicken breast 3-4 times with a sharp knife to allow the marinade to flavour the chicken the whole way through. Coat each piece of chicken  with the marinade making sure that it goes into the slashed sections. Place the chicken along with the marinade into a baking dish and then into an oven for around 45 minutes. Try to spoon the marinade over the chicken every now and again to keep the chicken moist and full of flavour.

Meanwhile, boil the sweet potatoes in salted water for 10-15 minutes until tender. Then drain and mash well, adding the rest of the lime zest, and some salt and pepper. Once the chicken is golden coloured take it out of the oven and it’s time to eat! Remember to pour a little of the marinade over the mash to add a zesty finish to the meal.

I like to serve this with either some homemade coleslaw or some steamed mange tout!