I have been a dedicated and loyal carnivore since the age of six when I demanded ham sandwiches for my packed lunch. It has been a true love affair. But now everything is about to change.

After I permanently scarred myself after overzealously hacking into a joint of Christmas parma ham (and subsequently my finger) I knew it was time for a change. I had begun to feel sluggish, the extra bit of winter weight was refusing to budge and I had become a regular at the drive through McDonalds that was dangerously close to our house.

As a type 1 diabetic any dietary change is something that needs to be considered and researched carefully. So of course I headed straight for google. I scoured the internet for a couple of days on my lunch break, reading blogs (some helpful, some terrifying), scrolling Instagram, coming across photos of ripe, delicious watermelon, beautiful, crisp salads and also the odd photo of a maltreated animal.

My husband embarked on a vegan diet a few weeks earlier as a way of reversing his sound engineer diet of sandwiches and energy drinks. He’s feeling great. His belt is already doing up tighter, stomach cramps have cleared up and no longer feels guilty for his mild hummus addiction.

After reading some of the more sane blogs, I feel that I am ready. I have been encouraged by the other vegan type 1 diabetics out there that raved about how the extra fibre in their diet had dramatically lowered their blood sugar readings. They had made sure to stick to healthy, low GI veg, rather than eating a chip bap which I suppose is still a legitimate vegan meal!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m DEFINITELY not saying I will not eat meat again. I love it too much. Maybe I will become one of those people who eats vegan as part of their daily diet but indulges in a few cheeky animal products at restaurants or friend’s houses. But for now I will give it a week. If it really does change my blood sugars for the better then maybe it will become more permanent? And a week really isn’t that long… is it?