Places to eat: Blue Sky, Bangor North Wales

Photo Credit: Blue Sky Bangor
Photo Credit: Blue Sky Bangor

A little gem, hidden just off from Bangor high street in rural North Wales, Blue Sky is one of my favourite places to be. Always bursting at the seams with hopeful customers, it’s best to get there early to grab a table. I will always have a soft spot for this place. It’s where my husband and I used to go when we were teenagers and when we first started dating. He had a part time job there and I would catch the bus into town after school to go and meet him and share a bowl of their delicious, chunky chips.

We both love this place so much that we decided to have our wedding evening party here. It was the perfect place, with it’s huge wooden beams, wood burning stove and friendly, lively atmosphere. It suited our relaxed style and want for a really fun wedding entirely. We ordered generous platters of their delicious marinated chicken, tasty falafels and mountains of chips with plenty of side salads and houmous to fill up our hungry guests. The bar served local ales and ciders, we plugged a huge speaker into my laptop and danced the night away.

Now, whenever I return to visit family in North Wales, Blue Sky is on the top of my list of places to visit. Walking up their wooden staircase I always feel a bit nostalgic, remembering taking those same steps , dressed in my wedding dress with my handsome husband and walking into a room filled with our beautiful friends.

Although everything on the menu is locally sourced and delicious (they’ve featured in the Good Food Guide for the past six years), I do have a couple of firm favourites. Their chicken in a basket, the same chicken that we had on our special day, is just the best. It comes stuffed into a wholegrain pitta bread, which is already bursting with fresh salad, and is joined by their famous chunky chips. And that’s right, it is served in a basket. I don’t know what goes into their chicken marinade but I NEED that recipe! On occasion, when I’ve been watching the waistline, I’ve been able to replace the chips with extra salad. The staff at Blue Sky really are very accommodating and are happy to help with any dietary requirements or to help with a need for flavour with less calories!


The second star of the show for me is their Cobb salad. Layers of organic perl las blue cheese, free range chicken, crispy bacon and hard boiled eggs with the brightest yolks I’ve ever seen, all on top of a fresh salad. A marriage made in heaven.

I may sound a bit obsessed but Blue Sky really is that good. A cosy, friendly atmosphere, great quality food and happy staff. You really must try it out.

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